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    Hey all,
    Quick couple questions about donating milk. I am part of a breastfeeding group on Facebook as I had a very difficult journey with my first and really wanted to support others in their breastfeeding journey.
    I was recently asked if I wanted to donate milk to a lady who is expecting her baby via surrogate in August. I would really like to help, even if I can only give part of the milk she will need.
    My questions are:
    I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my 7 week old (I feed on demand so there is no set schedule) so what I'm wondering is when would the best time to pump be in regards to his feeding? An hour after I've fed him maybe? Just so I am full again and will be able to get some?
    Also does it matter how many mls are in the bag when frozen? Just wondering what amount would be best when they go to defrost and use it?
    Are ziplock bags ok for milk storage?

    Thanks for your help ladies :-)


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    Default Re: Donating milk

    Wow that is so amazing! I am inspired.

    I found the best quantity to store was about 3-3.5 ounces in a bag for when baby is a little older - maybe after 2 months old. But till then, probably 2 oz would be your best bet. My baby only took a bottle from 2 months and on - which is when I went back to work, and his servings were usually 2-3 oz bottles.

    An hour after nursing is a great time to pump. That's when I'd pump to fill my freezer stash.

    I would not use ziploc bags. They are not pre-sterilized, nor are they strong enough. Buy specialized milk storage bags and the milk will stay fresh and safe. I bought the Honeysuckle bags in a 300-pack and I'm still working off that pack (pumping for 6 months already, 2-3x a day). They were cheaper than smaller packs and I anyway needed a lot.
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