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Thread: Return of Fertility?

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    Question Return of Fertility?

    My daughter just turned 12 months and no sign of my period returning (other than the occasional EWCM and what I believe to be are random ovulation cramps). My DH and I would like to TTC for #2 sooner than later as he is older than me; plus I would like our children to be closer in age. It took us 10 months TTC for #1.

    My LO has been STTN pretty consistently now (we don't co-sleep). I nurse between 4-6 times per day. Now that she is 12 months old, I suppose I could try to cut out a few nursing sessions to try and spark my cycle to return, but I truly don't want to wean her. Any advice? I feel very conflicted.

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    The average for return of period in bf mothers is 14 months. It makes sense because two year gaps between pregnancies is ideal in terms of recovery for Mammy. Some people supplement to encourage their period to return but you should talk to your doctor about that. At 12 months you might find she starts eating large meals so that should help. You could give her an extra meal too as her appetite increases.

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    Do nothing and you will probably have your cycle back within just a few months. Meanwhile, how about picking up a copy of Toni Weschler's excellent book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility"? It's a terrific primer on how to read your fertility signs, and you could start using it now even though you don't have your cycle back. You might be able to catch that first egg, before you even get a period!

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    Thanks for the replies ladies! I may try an extra meal during the day. I also might try offering her a sippy cup with cows milk here and there. The thing is, she was really sick last week, so she was nursing a TON... it felt like the newborn days again! Thankfully, she's better now, so we are back to 4x per day nursing. I think I could get her to 3x per day, but I don't know if this will really allow my cycle to return or not. It's so hard to know. I guess I need to give up wanting to "control" my fertility (ha), but I can't help but yearn for another baby sooner than later! Sigh.

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    Also, I should mention that I have Toni Weschler's "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and absolutely love it. I also just read "Garden of Fertility" by Katie Singer. I feel a bit frustrated by the advice for TTC while nursing and still no cycle - I've been charting my cervical mucus, but it seems to build to egg white consistency every few days - I suspect my body is trying desperately to ovulate, but every time I get close, I seem to randomly nurse at night or my daughter gets sick and nurses more often which prevents ovulation. ahhhh!

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