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Thread: Mastitis?

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    I know that the internet is no substitute for true medical advice, but I had this issue before, I began feeling almost flu-like. Headaches, and chills, fever, terrible muscle aches, and so tired. It happened in the first month after my daughter was born, and after doing some research I concluded it sounded like mastitis. I didn't see a doctor because by the time the weekend was over, I was feeling better.

    So just today I started feeling ill again, and it's gotten progressively worse throughout the day. I'm not nursing, but I am pumping and bottle feeding, and I feel like maybe because the past few days I had a couple of abnormally long shifts at work and a busier than usual schedule so I haven't pumped as much, but now my left breast also hurts really bad, and there's a red line on the top, and what feels like a lump of milk that won't come out! I'm in the process of trying to get my daughter back to breast, and it's even harder when any pressure on the top of my breast is so painful.

    Has anyone had mastitis? Did you see a doctor? Did it go away? Did it come back?
    My boyfriend is telling me to go to a doctor because "otherwise they'll have to amputate [my] boob" but I hate doctors and it went away on its own before.

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    yes a lot of us have had mastitis. What you are describing sounds exactly like what I had, including longer shifts and busier than usual; red mark on breast, chills and fever, ill and breast pain. and I figured it was mastitis when I had it. I did not see a Dr, because I don't really have a Dr and the Drs in my town are all pretty terrible. I rested, and nursed as much as possible, and it went away on its own. and it did not come back. Maybe give it 24 hr of rest and lots of nursing/pumping and then if it's still bad see a Dr?

    there are some good resources on this website including one saying mastitis is basically a message you are doing too much and need to get rest.

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    You will not have to have your boob amputated, please reassure your boyfriend!
    You may need antibiotics. yes sometime mastitis does go away on its own but often it does not, or it comes back worse or never truly goes away. Also try to get a (hopefully) few days off to rest, because you are sick. And it is very very important to keep extracting milk from your breasts effectively and frequently. So maybe your pump needs trouble shooting?

    if you search this website and www.kellymom.com you will find good evidence based articles on mastitis, (and plugs, which may also be happening) what to do about it, and how to prevent it in future. I strongly suggest, Do not 'visit' dr. google.

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    Good advice above. I just want to emphasize that if you do not see a rapid turnaround, you should see the doctor.

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