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Thread: not sure what im doing wrong

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    My preemie was born at 27.2 weeks gestation. I have been rather lucky, no real major problems. She's now 4 days old corrected age. Breastfeeding has been a nightmare since day one. I don't think there's been a time since we started 6 weeks ago that it's been good.
    She latches well. She can switch between pacifier, bottle and breast. She'll take a moment to try sucking a different way, realize it's different and adjust. It started from the first try. In the hospital they never let me feed her without a nipple shield. They said it would cause her to use too many calories. So she won't nurse without a shield. In the long run, if that's my only problem, I'll take it. She would nurse longer than 15 minutes go to sleep then wake back up in 30 and wanting to nurse again. She did start to get it down and was going about every 3 hours.
    We were suppose to be released, but the nutritionist felt she should be gaining more weight than she was. So they had me start supplementing a bottle after with breast milk. She gained how she was suppose to, we went home at 35.4 weeks.
    I don't know how to explain what she does. For a few days at the beginning she had just bottles of breast milk. Since then it's been a nightmare. If I breastfeed her, it's like she panics after. I can nurse her for an hour, give her a supplement bottle after and she will still cue and act hungry. I can keep giving her milk in a bottle and she will keep feeding until she throws it up, and will still keep acting hungry. And it's not a act hungry then fall asleep. She stays awake and cries and roots and will not stop. And it spills into the next feeding too. Even if she gets just a bottle on the next feeding she still cues and cries and won't sleep and gets increasingly upset. She has gone up to 7 hours without sleeping and the entire 7 hours was acting hungry and crying. I have an appointment with a lactation nurse in a few weeks and am at the point of just giving up. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. She just had a feeding. I gave her her normal bottle of about 2.5 ounces. She ate it all, still was a bit hungry. I figured I'd try it in reverse, let her nurse after a bottle. I really regret doing that because she now won't stop rooting, crying cause I won't give her any more and has been awake for two hours now. I'm at a loss as to what to do at this point. What am I doing wrong?

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    Newborns commonly nurse OFTEN Like 15 times during 24 hours. They often take longer than 15 minutes on a side and many will take both sides and then be ready to eat again in a short amount of time. What happens if you let her nurse and then when she wants more offer the breast again? I realize this might mean you spend 18 hours of the day nursing. I know with mine (full term but issues with milk transfer and weight gain) he sometimes will nurse for like an hour and 20 minutes and then want to nurse again half an hour after finishing the last time. During the day he often nurses every 1 1/2 - 2 hours and at night we wake up every 3-4 hours. He isn't demanding enough so I will often offer before he cues.

    Feeding schedules should be viewed more like, "don't let them go longer than X between feedings, but you can feed MORE often" when we talk about breast feeding.

    Any way you can see the LC before your planned appointment? The Nipple shield might be causing milk transfer issues and an appointment where you do a weigh feed weigh with a good scale might help figure out how much baby is getting from the breast alone.

    I know with mine the inefficient suck had been getting a little better and I had gotten down to only supplementing a small amount per day using the Medela SNS but then the Nurse Practitioner at the Ped office basically said I had to Supplement him MORE because his weight gain was too slow for their liking (they wanted me to MAKE him gain 2 oz per day to "catch up") Well when I started supplementing more and giving bottles, well his suck became even LESS efficient so he basically was getting the same amount of milk but most of it was from the bottles and SNS so he wasn't removing much milk from me anymore. Now I've "fired" that Ped and have to go to heroic efforts to recover my milk supply AGAIN.

    However, baby's behavior sounds a bit odd with her cuing to feed until she vomits? Remember babies need to suck for comfort, some more than others, and they can suck on the breast for comfort without necessarily filling up but that isn't the same with bottles. What happens if you put her back to the breast after the supplement bottle? What happens if you try a pacifier?

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    First off, don't give up! You are doing great. Second, this is totally normal. Nurse her, let her fuss or whatever after, try a pacifier, distract her. My niece does this EVERY TIME! Acts like she's STARVING right after nursing. My sister has to give her a paci and distract her for a bit and then she'll stop fussing. Also I would NOT be giving a bottle after nursing. This will totally throw off your supply and isn't the best for her. She may need to eat more often but I'd do it all by the breast. She shouldn't be having more than a few ounces at a time right now. And it bugs me so much that they would only let you use the nipple shield! So dumb and so not true. That's an OLD way of thinking. Anyway, try as much as you can without it. Just keep trying and hang in there. IT will get easier I promise!

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