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Thread: How much milk for a 14 month old?

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    Default How much milk for a 14 month old?

    How much milk should a 14 month old be drinking please? I am currently nursing once in the morning before nursery, he has 2oz whilst there then I nurse to sleep and am up multiple times through the night. I am looking to wean but what do I replace Breast milk with as he has a cows milk allergy?

    How much Milk should he be drinking per day and how long for?

    Many thanks x

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    Default Re: How much milk for a 14 month old?

    It's often said that if a toddler is nursing around 3-5 times a day, he is getting his milk needs met by mom and he does not need any supplemental dairy. 5 nursing sessions per day is better than 3, obviously, especially for a young baby who is just beginning to transition to a majority solids diet.

    When it comes to recommended daily dairy intake, the recommendations vary based on who you're asking. In general, the recommendations hover around 16-18 oz per day- but some sources say that's your target and other sources say it's your maximum. Talk to your pediatrician about what he/she recommends, and also about what breastmilk alternatives are suitable for your child, considering that he cannot drink cow's milk.

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