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    Hello all- I am hoping to get some insight and help with my 5 month old son. I am back to work and having issues with breastfeeding. My son seems to grunt and be very uncomfortable when breastfeeding, but takes a bottle just fine. When he latches, he almost looks like he is trying to poop! he squirms,gets red in the face and grunts very loudly. Sometime he bites as well (yes he has teeth!). I try to feed as often as I can when I am home with him... but he just doesn't seem to be happy when breastfeeding. Because of this... i have also seen a decrease in my supply. I am not ready to stop breastfeeding yet.... I need help! What can i do???

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    Sometimes it can be a vicious cycle - baby starts to develop a preference for the bottle, nurses less, supply drops, baby becomes more impatient with the breast...

    So I think the keys are, 1) make sure baby is being fed with the bottle in a breastfeeding-supportive fashion (ie paced feedings, see links below); and use the slowest-flow nipples you can; and 2) try to maintain supply with pumping when baby is not nursing well so that that doesn't play into the equation. Since you've already noticed a supply drop, you may have to do some extra pumping to catch up until you get back on track. You can also try the back-to-breast techniques described in this article:


    Paced feeding:

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