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Thread: exercise stunting weight loss?

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    Default exercise stunting weight loss?

    Before 3 weeks post baby I noticed I was loosing weight at a good rate. I was and am currently breastfeeding my baby. I was just taking walks almost every day. My pre pregnancy weight was 125-130ish lbs. I was 137 lbs at my post natal checkup. (My full term weigh was 165 lbs.) Then 2 weeks later (5 weeks) I weighed myself, because I wanted to weigh the baby, and I got 134 lbs. Then I started exercising again after 5 weeks post baby after I got the go ahead from my MD. 2 days of weigh lifting 2 sets of each exercise and 1 day of metabolic work which was 2-3 rounds of squats, jumping jacks, mt climbers… I noticed that 7 weeks post baby my weight was 135 lbs. I noticed that right around the time I started exercising more my weight stopped dropping. Could this be due to the added exercise? Could the exercise be causing to much stress by taking the calories that my breast milk needs so my body holds on to the extra weight to protect my milk supply? Has anyone experienced this?

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    What is your ideal healthy weight? Maybe your pre-pregnancy weight was on the thin side? I am not saying it was, that depends on your height and build.
    I am no expert, but it has always been my shaky understanding that muscle weighs more than fat. So if you are building muscle..?
    I would suspect that your calorie intake may be increased lately with all that working out. I frankly do not go in for the idea that a body 'holds onto weight' so mom can breastfeed. Some very thin people manage to make an awful lot of milk. But certainly, calorie intake should be higher when nursing. You were already losing weight quickly, so it makes sense to me that your calorie intake needed to go up with the extra energy needed for intense workouts.

    It sounds like you are 5-10 pounds away from your pre pregnancy weight? This sounds pretty darn good to me for less than 2 month post partum. It's not as if 135 lbs is an unhealthy weight.

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    Default Re: exercise stunting weight loss?

    with everything LLLMeg said! In addition, the adage about weight is "9 months on, 9 months off", which means that as it took you 9 months to gain your pregnancy weight, you should expect it to take you 9 months to take it all off.

    A great book for a nursing mom is Eileen Behan's "Eat Well, Lose Weight, While Breastfeeding".

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    Default Re: exercise stunting weight loss?

    not anything really to do with pregnancy but I know for myself when I have started working out, I actually tended to gain weight before loosing any but lost inches. Personally I'm OK with being heavier than I look, muscle is heavier.
    And personally 135 lb sounds like a really good healthy weight especially when breastfeeding if your pre pregnancy weight was 125-130 lb.
    Probably very health to take the next 6 months to get rid of the last 5-10 lb of extra weight (if that is even an appropriate goal.)

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    same experience joshanrachel. super frustrating esp when you carve out time and effort to exercise and are excited to be back to normal. I chalked it up to rebuilding muscle, but after a month I did have to actively reprogram eating which ended in results.

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