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Thread: Why not pump & bottle feed?

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    Talking Re: Why not pump & bottle feed?

    I also understand where you are coming from. I was going to do the same thing.

    My baby was given bottles in the nursery for her first 2 feedings and because of that, she refused my breasts. We had such a hard time in the beginning.

    Before I had her, I thought that it didn't matter to me whether I breastfed or not. But then, when I couldn't, I was devastated. I was pumping and bottle feeding while working with the LLC from the hospital on tricks to get her to latch. I thought it would never happen and, just as the other ladies are saying, the pumping, cleaning, feeding, pumping again, etc. just became so time consuming. It was so frustrating not being able to breastfeed my baby and to have to continuously pump!

    And then, one day, it all came together. At 2 weeks old, she latched, for good, on Thanksgiving Day and has been ever since. It was like she just said "OK, now I get it!" And life has been so much easier ever since.

    Stick with it. You can still pump here and there when you need to get out. There is no law against it. And like it has been said, you will never get the same kind of supply response that you get from breastfeeding. The pump works with a completely different kind of suction. Only your baby's suction can give you the supply that you need.

    Believe me... I thought that this was never going to happen for me and now I feel like a pro. You can do it!

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    Default Re: Why not pump & bottle feed?

    I am doing that now only because I can't give him my milk for ten days....I feel like I am married to the pump and it is very time consuming. Try it one day and see how you do...you can always build up a freezer supply.

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