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Thread: HELP, please! Distractible baby or teething?!

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    Default HELP, please! Distractible baby or teething?!

    Sorry I keep posting ladies, I just can't find a solution and I'm so distraught.

    My 6 month old just came off a crazy marathon nursing week/growth spurt. Now, she's hardly nursing at all this week. She latches on, sucks, cries, sucks, cries...then gives up. And God forbid I offer the right side, she refuses that side all together UNLESS she's sleepy. It's gradually getting worse each day. For a few days this week she would nurse in the morning and it would get worse as the day went on. Now this morning she's refused to nurse in the morning too. I FINALLY got her to take milk before her nap and she fell asleep nursing. This has been the only times this week that she will nurse, sleepy...and then fall asleep nursing. Something she hasn't done since she was a newborn. Could it be that she's excited about her new skills that emerged from this growth spurt and she just doesn't want to nurse right now? Or could it be teething? I don't see any teeth just yet. I also took her to the doctor today to rule out ears and strep. She did say her throat was a tad bit red which could be viral...but other than that, she said nothing was wrong. :-/ So some sort of strike... I just don't know what to do and how to get her back to it. She's so distraught over it too, I can tell. She'll start crying as I approach my nursing chair. But if I put her in the crib without offering, she'll go into hysterics. I'm so confused! I've even pumped before offering to try and get it going...she'll latch, suck, and then cry and give up. She's not big on bottles. I think she's had maybe 10 total since a baby. My husband offered to bottle feed her last night at bedtime (which broke my heart of course) and she took down a few ounces (maybe 2?) and then played with the nipple, chewed on it, etc. and fell asleep. An hour later she was up crying, so I offered again, she took both sides sleepily for just a few minutes and fell back asleep. She also nursed just fine all night (1 am and 6 am). By morning, wanted nothing to do with me. HELP PLEASE! Any and all advice welcome!
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    Default Re: HELP, please! Distractible baby or teething?!

    I'm so sorry! What a stressful time for you and your LO.

    It's terrific that she will nurse at night. Night nursing offers your LO calories, and provides practice. The more she nurses at night, the more she may remember why she likes nursing during the day. It sounds like she sleeps in a crib- you might want to try co-sleeping for the time being and see if you get more nursing in that way.

    During the day, just keep offering in a low pressure, loving, and fun way. In the bath. When she's hungry. When she's not. With her sitting in front of you, try squirting milk into her mouth. Try expressing some milk onto the nipple before latching her on, so that she gets an instant reward any time she latches.

    Meanwhile, keep her intake of solids low, if she's getting them. You don't want her realizing that she can skip nursing if she just eats enough solid food.

    Have you done a taste test of your milk recently? Now might be a good time- if your baby is rejecting the milk because it tastes salty (which can happen when milk sits in the breast for a long time) or gross (a symptom of mastitis), you might need to pump to restore a normal flavor.

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