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Thread: Is iron supplement safe while BF?

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    Default Is iron supplement safe while BF?

    I have almost 5 mo son who is EBF. I was looking up a different kind of prenatal & realized that the one I have been taking during pregnancy & PP does not have iron in it. & yes I need to change my Ob Gyn as I had showed it to her before I started taking those. The prescribed prenatal was way too big & was making me throw up so she said it's ok to take OTC. I had become anemic & was taking iron supplement while pregnant but I wasn't advised to continue to take one after LO was born.
    I have a feeling that I am anemic again as I have the same symptoms as I had during pregnancy.
    I have read up on Kellymom & it says most iron supplements are ok to take. I bought nature made iron 65 mg & took one tonight before realizing it may not be safe for LO.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Is iron supplement safe while BF?

    I have not heard this before so maybe I am not getting what the problem is? I am not sure why an iron supplement taken by mom would not be perfectly fine for breastfed baby. If you need supplemental iron, then there is no way baby is getting too much iron from you. BUt maybe you should be getting tested to be sure your problem really is anemia before assuming so.

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