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Thread: Hand pump vs hospital grade pump

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    Default Hand pump vs hospital grade pump

    I was just wondering what your opinions were. I'm in the process of relactating and have hired a medela symphony breast pump. I also have a hand held pump if I'm put. I have found I get the same amount from both but I've always been advised the hospital grade pump is far superior. Why so you think it is that I get the same amount. Also, I'm compressing during pumping and using hand massage at the beginning and hand expressing at the end but yet I have had no increase in milk in three days. I currently express every two hours and once at night. Also occasionally baby will latch.

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    Default Re: Hand pump vs hospital grade pump

    if you use a bra to hold the shields in place, the hospital grade double electric pump does both breasts at once and your hands are free to do compressions. I'm not sure how to manage double pumping with compressions with a hand operated manual pump.

    For some women they won't even let down with single pumping. And different people respond to pumping differently. For some, being able to adjust tempo and suction with the manual pump may be more effective than a set tempo electric pump. Then again, arms get tired after a while and for re-lactation, longer pumping sessions might be helpful, I'm not sure though.

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    Default Re: Hand pump vs hospital grade pump

    The hospital-grade pump yields more milk and is a time-saver for most moms, but there are always going to be exceptions out there.

    Even though you get the same amount of milk with both pumps, I encourage you to continue with the electric machine. Pump out what milk there is and then continue pumping for another 5-10 minutes (hard to do with a manual, right?). The additional stimulation will help with supply even if there is no milk coming out.

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