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    Red face Dream Feed Euphoria

    7 mo son. Bed sharing, and breastfeeding.

    Sometimes my son will be done eating and he will stay latched as I am his Human Pacifier. So I close my eyes and just go with the flow. Recently, I've been experiencing the most beautiful sensations: hearing bells, feeling light course through my body, feeling One. I am very spiritual to begin with, but I still raises brow at the fact that I maybe high on oxytocin.

    My question is this: What is an oxytocin/prolactin high like? Anyone else feeling such euphoria?

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    Every woman experiences oxytocin differently. It can make you feel sleepy, sad, happy, maternal, orgasmic, euphoric, cuddly... I guess that hearing bells and feeling light aren't out of the bounds of probability. However, I'd also mention the sensations to your doctor and see what he/she has to say about it.

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    Is it possible you are briefly falling asleep? I find myself drifting in and out of sleep when nursing on a frequent basis.

    As far as euphoria, I believe I did experience that, but in a different way. With my last baby, who is now almost 2 and still nursing, I would occasionally feel a sudden, intense, emotional surge of love while nursing that would bring tears to my eyes, sometimes I would even sob. This did not happen every nursing session, it was occasional, maybe 2 or 3 times a week, and typically while I was most relaxed and the house was more or less quiet, for example, when my older two were at school. Also I do not recall it happening (or maybe I was just to frantic & busy to notice) in the early months, it was more between 6 and 18 months would be my guess. I do not recall this happening so specifically with my older two, while I loved nursing them, I do not recall this very specific, intense physical/hormone based emotional surge right when nursing. I also think it made an impact on me, because personally I had been shamed in childhood (and adulthood) for being a "crier" and overly emotional, and that in turn has led me to question or dampen my emotional responses, and I have had to find within myself acceptance for this part of myself. So having these feelings surge up, and having them be so clearly linked to positivity- my deep love of my daughter and of motherhood and my life at the moment- rather than as negative, was healing, if that makes sense.

    If you are having these experiences any other time, or if you are having any ill effects either physical or psychological, that might be something to worry about. Otherwise, I do think this could be from a normal hormonal surge, meeting with your personal sense of spirituality, if that makes sense.

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    YES Meg!!!

    Here's the formula:
    Quiet, restful atmosphere. Prayer while putting baby to sleep by nursing. And drifting into sleep. Its the moment right before sleeping that these sensations occur, but only sometimes. Really cool feeling!

    I too am very sensitive. My hubs has told me "Boobing makes you uber gay!" By that he means cuddly, sweet to him and baby, cry out of happiness occasionally.

    I'm so glad someone out there feels these really interesting feelings! Its definitely not a problem at all, I just posted to see if anyone else had felt something similar.

    Also, throughout my googling Spiritual Breastfeeding, there are blogs by women who also use bf'ing as a time for stillness, insight, meditation, prayer, and the like as motherhood can keep one busy and on the go. Pretty cool stuff!

    I would still like to hear from more women if theres anyone else that has "gay" oxytocin moments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*polkadot84 View Post

    I would still like to hear from more women if theres anyone else that has "gay" oxytocin moments.
    Totally! Only my baby is a boy

    In the earlier days I'd sometimes cry out of happiness when nursing my baby. But today he nurses for much shorter spans of time and he's fidgety, that I only get this during night feeds. If I'm awake I get to enjoy it fully, but if I was just woken up, it doesn't feel that amazing
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