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Thread: Crying when pooping

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    My son is 2 months now and always fusses/cries around 6:30 am every morning. Most times he's trying to poop but sometimes he doesn't. It takes him until around 8 or 9 am to poop. I don't think he's constipated his poops are liquid. This is very frustrating bc I can't go back to sleep. He's constantly awakened out of sleep even with pacifier. How can I stop this cycle? Will he grow out of this?

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    Believe it or not, pooping is a skill. A complicated and lifelong one which babies work very hard to master. So your best bet for fixing the poop issue is to wait for your baby to master the skill and grow out of the fussiness he currently exhibits. Meantime, here are 2 things to try:
    - Nightly bath- a lot of babies relax when they are in warm water, and when they relax, voila! Poop. Maybe getting your baby to poop at night would mean less pooping early in the morning?
    - Nurse. Putting something in at the top of the digestive system often helps the baby move stool out at the bottom of the digestive system. And nursing can help mom go back to sleep because it releases oxytocin, a hormone that tends to make you feel more relaxed.

    Regarding constipation: if the poop is liquidy, it's not constipation. When a baby or child is constipated, the poop will be hard, dry, and pellet-like, and firm enough to roll out of the diaper when you pick it up. Exclusively breastfed babies almost never get constipated, though theyay go up to a week, sometimes more, between poops.

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