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Thread: please help!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by helpneeded
    I tried to do the nursing on demand with my daughter and doing nothing but nurse. She was at the breast from 10:45 to 12:45! Everytime she would fall asleep I took her off and immediately she would become frantic so I put her back on. I finally gave in and gave her a bottle that I thought she wouldn't finish, but she did. How discouraging!!!! She is doing well in terms of her weight and growth but that isn't because of me, it is because of the bottle !!! This is breaking my heart!!!


    When she was at the breast, did she have a good latch? Was she sucking actively? Was the latch comfortable for you?

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    Question Re: please help!!!!

    Yes, I spoke with someone yesterday and will be attending a meeting on Tues. She gave me some ideas to try and thinks that either I am still not getting her latched on properly or she is a lounge nurser! She told me to use a sling so that I can still do things while she nurses or to keep her close! I started fenugreek yesterday and I think it has helped a little, or I has at least made me feel like I am doing something. This morning I nursed and she finally seemed to be content!!! I nursed all night, well I tried...she was at the breast all night though I did need to give her 1 bottle at 1:00 am. I am still looking for someone to help me in person! I really appreciate the support that I have received since I don't get it at home!!! Thank you!!!!


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    Sounds like things might be a little better???

    Please keep up posted on how things go with the LLL Leader. You will be able to have some time with her on Tues. Does she know you would like her to do a home visit? Leaders are not required to do home visits, so she may not wish to do this. But many of us are happy to see a mom if she thinks that would be helpful!

    Take care and hang in there!

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