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Thread: 92nd percentile to 9th percentile in 8 week old infant

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    Default Re: 92nd percentile to 9th percentile in 8 week old infant

    In the Op you don't talk about how many times a day you are feeding. Do you know? Can you count? Because Sometimes at this age something as simple as adding in 2 feeding a day can make a huge difference.

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    Default Re: 92nd percentile to 9th percentile in 8 week old infant

    It's been ten days now and those first four ounces in the first four days were all she gained. Got her tounge checked today. Had met with a wonderful lactation consultant I had used with my two boys years back. She said my latch looked okay, but we were going to start with me pumping 6 times a day after feeding my LO and then supplementing about 8 ounces a day.

    Did that over the weekend and got baby weighed today. She hasn't gained any weight. Doc is sending me to a pediatrician and if that doesn't get us anywhere for a second opinion, we will go to the Mayo Clinic which is about 8 hours from where we live. Doc is very pro breastfeeding but at this time, wants me to nurse on each side, then offer 4 oz formula. If she takes one ounce, fine, but still offer more. Scared about all of this..

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    I can understand why you're scared, mama. Hopefully this is just a little hiccup in your breastfeeding journey, and all will soon be back on track.

    I forget- are you pumping much right now? If you have sufficient expressed milk, you could supplement with that instead of formula. There's nothing superior about formula, when it comes to supplementing for slow weight gain.

    It sounds like your plan is to supplement just 2x per day, offering 4 oz per time for a total of 8 oz. Correct? If so, those are going to be large supplemental bottles and I wouldn't be surprised if your baby won't drink that much at one time. You might need to do a few more daily bottles, albeit smaller ones.

    After supplementing, it is often helpful to out the baby back on the breast for more nursing. This technique is called "finish at the breast" and it can help your baby retain the sense that the breast is what provides the feeling of satiation and relaxation, not the bottle.

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