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    Lately, I have experienced a lot of pain while nursing, especially at the beginning of each session. Also, My 8 month old has started pulling his head back and away from my breast (while still latched) and/or using his fist to kind of brace himself and push himself back and away creating a more shallow latch, and making nursing him extremely painful. Ive tried reminding him to be "gentle" and removing him when it's painful, but this hasnt helped much and frustrates him. Im wondering why he might be doing this and what to do about it. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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    I'm sorry we missed this before!

    I see your post is from a couple weeks ago... Is your baby still pulling back while latched on?

    At about the same age, my son used to pull back while holding on until the last possible second when he was done nursing, and it was excruciating. He was just messing around though. It sounds like your baby is trying to adjust his latch, not just playing around. Is that right?

    Do you have a fast letdown? Could it be that he's getting more milk than he wants at that moment and is trying to lessen the flow?

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    Maybe he is teething.
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