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Thread: Strange behavior while nursing

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    Default Strange behavior while nursing

    I'm a new mother and my little boy just turned 5 weeks. Within the last week or so halfway thru the feeding, on both sides, he begins thrashing his head back and forth and throwing his arms and legs around. I thought at first it was because he needed to burp or had gas but it doesn't stop. It almost looks like has playing with my shield but becomes frustrated and starts crying and then screams. I tried to calm him down and then retry but nothing seems to help when this starts. I've also tried switching breasts. He eats really well. We have no problem with latching and when the behavior stops (sometimes just as suddenly as it began) he latches back on and finishes. Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: Strange behavior while nursing

    I tend to think thrashing is often related to disorganized attempt to root or latch. A baby may root several times during a feeding. And if baby cannot find the nipple or cannot find it in such a why that 'works' for latching on at the moment, than can be frustrating.

    What positioning have you tried? Perhaps adopting a more "laid back" nursing posture will help. (Look up "biological nurturing" or "Laid back" breastfeeding) When baby is supported by mom on his tummy, with gravity holding him on, it seems to help baby orient himself on the breast and feel more secure. As you look into this positioning idea, remember it is very adjustable,-mom can be leaning just slightly or more back as she likes and baby can be in any position.

    It almost looks like has playing with my shield
    Do you mean a nipple shield? If you are using a shield, can you tell us why?

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