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Thread: Lumpy breasts - Normal? Is baby eating enough?

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    Default Lumpy breasts - Normal? Is baby eating enough?

    Hello! First post, and sorry if this is a silly question but I wanted to check in with the knowledgeable people here.

    Background info: My baby is 8 weeks old. She had lip and tongue tie that were addressed via frenectomy. She was 9 lb 2 oz at birth, dropped to 8 lb 7 oz over the first 5 days, and is now 11 lb 14 oz. She eats 7-8 times per day, and I pump once or twice a day.

    Lately I have been noticing that my breasts are seeming more lumpy. I feel small pea and oval- shaped lumps in both breasts. They do not seem to be fixed or in the same place day after day. My breasts are fuller and lumpier before feeding, but still have some lumpiness afterward. I'm wondering why this is - could my baby not be removing enough milk or feeding effectively? She is often takes a long time at the breast - will feed, then pacifier suck for a while with some brief periods of active feeding mixed in. Thus it can be hard to tell when she is "done" and the increased lumpiness is making me more concerned.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    Default Re: Lumpy breasts - Normal? Is baby eating enough?

    We seem to have missed this one... I'm so sorry!

    How are things going now? Are you still noticing the lumps?

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    I would just suggest pumping more often. Sounds to me like you are blessed with an abundant supply. I experience the same thing. If you're still lumpy after emptying with pumping then I would consult your primary care physician.

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