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Thread: Weaning and Fertility

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    Question Weaning and Fertility

    My son (child #2) is 15 months old. I've been slowly weaning him because I want to try to get pregnant again and didn't know if nursing would interfere with that. I was nursing twice (naptime and bedtime) and just cut it down to only once (bedtime) about a week ago. Over the last six months, my cycle has been 28-30 days long. This month, however, it was only 27 days. I had a positive OPK result on day 15 of my cycle so it seems that my luteal phase this time was only 10-11 days long, if I actually ovulated. We were planning to start actively trying for a baby this next cycle but now I'm nervous that perhaps my luteal phase is too short. My questions are as follows: Is it normal to have some fluctuation in cycles towards the end of weaning? Should I start trying to increase my luteal phase right now via vitamin B6 and other supplements or should I just assume this short cycle was a fluke? Would it be best to wean completely at this point or to keep nursing once a day in order to keep things "stable"? I'd really like to keep nursing at bedtime if I can. I did get pregnant with my son when I was still nursing my oldest about once a day so I think/hope that could happen this time as well. Any thoughts? Any good resources on breastfeeding and fertility that might help me?

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    Once you have your cycle back, nursing is very unlikely to impact your chances of conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy, as you experienced when nursing your older child. So no need to wean unless you are entirely ready to do so!

    Having an occasional 27 day cycle doesn't mean anything. Cycle length does vary, both during weaning and during your life in general. You'd only want to expect a problem if you have consistently short cycles and not enough days of high BBT after ovulation (I think 8 is the minimum, would have to look it up to be sure!). If you're nervous about your chances of getting pregnant again, charting your BBT and other fertility signs would be a great first step. Taking B6, weaning, supplements- those are all just shots in the dark when you don't have the data you need.

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    B vitamins lower estrogen, not increase progesterone, so really it wouldn't be helpful even if you did have a luteal phase issue.
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