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Thread: Never ending supply!

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    The average feeding at the breast is around 2-4 oz. So smaller bottles would be more natural. Smaller bottles also mean that babies get hungry more often- which, again, is more natural- and therefore their moms have more opportunities to offer the breast.

    It sounds like your baby is taking a normal amount from a large bottle, which is great- it means you're probably not overfeeding her, or that she has a good sense of her own satiation cues. Still, I'd decrease the size of the bottle. When the bottle is always full, baby will always take her maximum.

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    to help baby back to breast, I would suggest it may help to go to at least slightly more frequent bottles with less in them each time. That would be much more like breastfeeding than the large infrequent bottles. . If baby wants more after giving the bottle, offer the breast, and if that does not fly, offer a little more in the bottles. Are you doing paced bottle feeding and cue feeding?

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    Ok thanks, that makes sense.

    Yes we do paced and cue feeding. I'm going to actually write down how much she eats as I do tend to forget as the day goes on. She's only had 2.5oz this morning and 1 breast feed.

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