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Thread: Breastmilk upsetting baby

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    Default Breastmilk upsetting baby

    Hi all!

    I have been trying to get my baby back to breast since she developed a preference for the bottle.

    I think we're making progress as she had 3 feeds yesterday and 2 so far today. I've been pumping too and she has 2 or 3 bottles of expressed milk a day, the other times she has formula. The breastfeeds aren't full feeds as I think she gets frustrated when the flow slows and I have to give her a top up.

    However I've noticed that shortly after a breastfeed or a bottle if expressed milk, her belly makes loud growling noises and she gets mucous in her poos. Is there something wrong with my milk? She is fine with the formula.

    I love breastfeeding her but I'm wondering now if I'm not doing what's best for her.

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    Default Re: Breastmilk upsetting baby

    Something wrong with your milk? No. Tummy rumbling and very liquid poops are entirely normal for breastfed babies. Mucous can sometimes indicate an allergy or intolerance to something in mom's diet. But the most likely culprit is dairy protein from consuming cow's milk- and guess what formula is made from! If dairy protein was a problem for your baby, she would be pretty miserable on formula.

    Try to look beyond the baby's diaper output. Nursing is absolutely the right thing to be doing for so many reasons- and the top of the list is that it is the only thing you can feed a baby that promotes normal health outcomes. Grumbly tummy noises and some weird-looking diapers are a small price to pay for that.

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    Default Re: Breastmilk upsetting baby

    What type is the formula? If it is a cow milk free formula and baby is fine with it then perhaps baby is intolerant to dairy in your diet BUT if she doesn't seem distressed or in pain when her tummy is growling or by the poops, then don't let it distress you.
    Grumbly tummy and weird poops can be caused by over active let down or over supply or probably even by not nursing as frequently.

    My babe has strange variations in poops depending on how much or how recently he got formula. When he is on formula supplements, he only poops about once every 8 days and seems incredibly distressed the day or so before finally having the huge brown poop or several of them. If we manage to go a week with no formula he starts pooping more yellowish and every few days.

    Greenish, frothy or mucous poops on their own are not necessarily a problem provided there are no other symptoms, pain, or distress to go with them.

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