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Thread: Nursing 2 year old too much

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    Dear mummies, I have a 2 year old boy who is still nursing and too often. My plan is to wean him after 2 years old but he still wants to nurse often. Before wake up, after wake up, before brealfast, after breakfast, every 15 minutes if we are at home. I try to spend time out also but if we are
    At home , nothing to do other than nursing. He wont accept any play, snack etc. He is also a picky eater. I dont know if these are normal, shouldt I answer his all nursing requests? When I say no, he goes into tantrum. I cant let him forget by playing or snacks. How should I wean him when he is nursing like crazy? Is it correct to wean him ┼čn these conditions? Why he is nursing like a newborn , sometimes he is napping at breast 2 hours which makes me down also. It seems also I cant wean him bu decreasing the number of times he nurses, I should stop at once? I need your advices, experiences and help. Thank you

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on making it to 2 years of nursing!

    The good news is that your toddler's nursing pattern is totally normal for such a young child. 2 is very young for a baby to be weaned. Most children who are allowed to set the time for their own weaning don't really even start the weaning process until age 2, and they might not complete it until age 3-5, or in some cases, even later!

    The bad news is that your toddler's nursing pattern is totally annoying to you. You could wean all at once, but I personally think that's unlikely to be helpful. Your toddler has needs for comfort and connection, and those won't go away because you weaned. You'll just have to find ways to meet those needs without nursing, your mommy superpower. Also, cold turkey weaning is very much not recommended because it can set mom up for plugged ducts, engorgement, and even mastitis. Therefore, there are 2 things you probably want to be doing:
    1. Distract, distract, distract. A lot of toddler nursing takes place when the child is bored, so the more you're out and about and doing interesting things, the less your toddler will be demanding nursing from you.
    2. Set limits. It's okay for you to limit where, when, and how your child nurses. For example, you might want to nurse only at home, or only in the car, or only at grandma's house (or wherever). You might want to nurse only before bed or at wake-up (or whenever). And you might want to disallow behaviors that are annoying to you, like twiddling or toes in your face or whatever really irks you.

    Your baby is giving you clear signs that nursing is very important to him, and that gives you leverage to make changes (i.e. limits) that make nursing more pleasant for you. If he throws a tantrum because you set some boundaries, that is OKAY. You do not need to give in to him just because he is screaming.

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