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Does your insurance cover the therapy? I completely understand what you mean by the suck training. I have tried to do it with her and it isn't working. I don't really know what I'm doing and she just keeps biting my finger. Not productive and just making her mad. There is a local IBCLC that I saw with my first daughter and I wasn't impressed. It was expensive. She never checked for tongue tie / lip tie (even though she is suggested by local people because she's knowledgeable on he subject) overall my experience wasn't positive so I'd like to go a different route this time if needed.
yes my insurance is covering the therapy, (I just had to find the therapist and make sure she took the insurance I have, then I was able to get the Ped office to make the referral.)
Your insurance may also cover lactation consulting or support or if you have Medicaid you may be able to get lactation support or even a breast pump through your local WIC office.