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Thread: Breast pain while weaning

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    I'm a first-time mom and I gradually began the weaning process of my now 13 month old about 6 weeks ago. I stopped pumping at work and was only BF at waking and before bed and eventually just at night. He adapted easily and 10 days ago I BF him for the last time. Now I am really struggling with supply and breast pain. I am still producing milk and have extremely tender spots of engorgement (I think??) in both breasts. I'm looking for ideas on how to manage the supply and the pain. Thanks!

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    It sounds as if the reduction in how often milk was being extracted went a little too quickly. The weaning process can be VERY long and gradual and both baby and moms body are "weaning." Your experience may have felt gradual and natural to you and baby, but I guess your body has other ideas! It happens!

    Are you pumping or hand expression at all now?

    If you do not want to nurse your baby anymore, you could pump (or hand express) with just enough frequency and effectiveness each time to relieve the pressure but not to rebuild milk production. We call this "pumping to comfort."

    What is happening now is your body is making milk and it has no where to go. This often leads to plugs and even possibly mastitis, so I suggest you do want to be careful and start extracting some of that milk one way or another.

    By the way, if you DID want to nurse your baby again, assuming baby is willing, that is also an option. Some moms think that once they wean there is some rule that baby should not nurse again, but that is not true. It is up to you and baby.

    Hand expression info: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...expression.pdf

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    with LLLMeg. Time to get some of that milk out, using hand expression, pump, or baby- your choice!

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    When your skipping breastfeeding sessions breasts are likely to become engorged. It is uncommon to experience pain in your breast for several days. Pain in you breasts after weaning occurs anywhere in the breast. including the areola or the body of the breast.

    If you feel pain from engorgement hand express or pump to empty your breast one time. and then pump just enough milk to reduce the pain as needed.

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