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Thread: starting over at 12 months

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    My military providers forced me on birth control and my supply went away at about two months. After 10 months of birth control I believe it is now out of my system. Yesterday my breasts became active again. Is this worth it? Should I try this again? I could never get him to latch but I could pump before. When do you normally fully wean? I figure that if my body is trying to keep producing, I should probably do something about it. He has been on formula for those 10 months. Cow's milk gives him diarrhea, as does fruit.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    My first question is this: how can anyone force you to use birth control? Isn't that illegal?

    If you want to relactate you certainly can. All that is required is effort- which may be significant. Use a good double electric pump, preferably a hospital-grade rental, with properly sized shields, and try to pump at least 8x per day, including at least 1x overnight. Do not expect an immediate return of milk supply. You may need to work hard for many weeks before seeing evidence of milk, and many weeks more before you get significant quantities of milk.

    Weaning is vary variable. Some women choose to wean after a few days, or weeks, or months. Others continue to nurse for years, allowing their children to set the date for their own weaning. Left to their own devices, most children do not self-wean until age 2, at least, and many will nurse until age 3-5 years.

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    Here's a great KellyMom article on relactation. In your shoes, I'd definitely give it a go!


    Out of curiosity, how can anyone legally force you to do anything with your body without your consent? Were you administered a long-term contraceptive, like Implanon, forcibly or under sedation? If so, you should also hire a lawyer, IMO!

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    You can definitely start over at 12 months. It is perfectly appropriate from a health and wellness standpoint for both you and your child, as the proven benefits of breastfeeding (and breastmilk feeding) go on for at least two years. You may even be able to convince your child to nurse, if you want.

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