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Thread: one year old fussiness and bf concern

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    Default one year old fussiness and bf concern

    My just turned twelve month old has been acting a bit cranky lately (major understatement). He's been pretty fussy and upset in the evenings. I also have a hard time getting him to nurse well until bed time. He will ask for boob and then suck a few times and either pop off or ask for the other boob before I even get a letdown. I dont think the cranky behavior which is very confusing helps me get a letdown very fast either and I understand that supply is lowest in the evenings. I dont have a supply concern as I am still pumping in excess of what he consumes at work. Is this normal 12 mo old behavior? Should I be worried? He has also gone from nursing all night to only a couple times.I really am not sure what to think of it. I just want him to have what he needs and complete extended nursing. He often picks at solid. Like laat night he only ate a couple broccoli bites and then was mad about being in the high chair and wanted down. Any insight from btdt moms would be appreciated. I have a hard time handling emotionally the constant fussiness because I feel like I am failing somehow.

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    Default Re: one year old fussiness and bf concern

    Do you think he might be cranky and upset just from being busy and active all day? My kids can be pretty cranky in the evening, and not just the toddler - the older two as well (ages 4 and 7). Has there been a change in his daytime napping patterns? Does he need an earlier bedtime? Also for my younger two and especially the toddler the transition from one caregiver to another is a cause for fussiness in and of itself - in the morning, from me to nanny, and in the evening, from nanny to me. How is LO on the weekends?

    As far as picking at the solids and not wanting to sit at the table for more than a few minutes, that also sounds normal to me, as does the going back and forth between the breasts - my toddler does that all the time. A lot of toddlers don't get into solids until well into the second year, and even once they're into the solids they might not want to sit in the high chair to eat them - none of my kids liked the high chair, they seemed to do better with a booster, and it's STILL a struggle to keep my seven-year-old at the table - he'd rather eat a few bites, wander off to play, then return to the table.

    Another thing to think about though if you think there is really an unusual amount of fussy is whether something else might be going - an ear infection for example, making him fussy and less inclined to nurse. If that's the case you might want to take him in for a doctor's visit.

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