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Thread: Sore breast! Mastitis?

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    Unhappy Sore breast! Mastitis?

    I'm really worried I have a plugged duck and I'm in the beginning stages of mastitis..? Last week I noticed a hard lump in my right breast that was a little painful. I put hot wet rags on it all day and kept having the baby nurse on that breast. It was gone by the next day-the lump and pain. Today I started having a little bit of pain again in my right breast in a different area. The pain is deep inside the breast when I press on it. There is a little bit of red area around the edge of the nipple. The last hour I have started to feel a little yucky. No fever, just an all-around under the weather feeling. Is there a way to stop this before it gets worse? Please help!!!

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    Also, what can I take for pain? I still have the ibuprofen from when I had the baby...is that compatible with nursing? Thanks

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    The best way to stop mastitis is to empty the breast as thoroughly as possible. Nurse the baby on that side more often or at the beginning of every feeding, and if the baby isn't doing a good job of emptying the breast, use the pump to do what the baby isn't. Hot soaks, warm and cool compresses, varying your nursing position, and breast massage may all also help.

    You can do everything right and still get mastitis, so if emptying the breast and the other measures listed above don't work for you, go see the doc. A course of antibiotics should clear things up, if this does turn into mastitis.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you so much. Ok, if it doesn't get better I will definitely call the doc tomorrow...So as of right now, there is a chance I can stop it from getting worse?

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    Sometimes you can reverse things if you can get the plug/blockage out. Also, for medication questions, Infant Risk is a good resource: www.infantrisk.com

    But ibuprofen is fine for nursing. The one thing to keep an eye out for is that it could mask mastitis symptoms (fever, body ache, general crappy feeling, fatigue) so just be careful you're not medicating symptoms away without addressing the underlying cause (ie infection).

    Here are some more suggestions for dealing with plugs:

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    So as of right now, there is a chance I can stop it from getting worse?
    Yes as bfwmomof3 says, try to get the plug out or at least breaking up. also, Nurse as much as baby will, and REST. You are fighting off an infection. If you are standing, sit, if you are sitting, lie down, and if you are lying down, sleep.

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