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Thread: Keep trying or wait a while?

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    Default Keep trying or wait a while?

    My baby turned 6 months old about 2 weeks ago and we decided to start solids last week. She seems very interested in food and tries to snatch food off our plates all the time and so we tried giving her some avocado puréed with breast milk 2 days in a row. The first day she seemed to like it but the second day she was gagging. We took one day off and then tried puréed banana 2 days in a row and both days she hated it. She enjoys playing and putting the spoon in her mouth but she gags as soon as she tastes the food. She also hadn't pooped since starting solids until today after giving her a prune juice/probiotic blend for babies. So that was like 4 days with no poop which was starting to worry me. My question is, should we keep trying with the solids until we find something she likes, or stop and try again in a month or so? Sorry this was so long!

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    No reason to rush it, no harm in waiting. I don't know that you have to wait a whole month, but, again, no harm in doing so.

    Kids are grabby and like to put things in their mouths. This does not mean they are really ready to eat solids yet, in my experience.

    My kids all hated banana, except my youngest will eat it occasionally. It drove me nuts because it is such a simple easy food for when going out etc. but no go. To this day the bananas I buy end up in baked stuff or in smoothies more often than not.

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