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Thread: Relactation without a baby.

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    Default Relactation without a baby.

    Is this possible for me to attempt without having a baby at home?

    A little history, I have 3-year-old twins. I recently had 2 miscarriages four months apart and would like to try relactation for the emotional and mental benefits. I believe this is something that would help me in my grieving process. If I can indeed get a supply going I would like to donate to a milk bank or to individuals in need. I just started on Monday. In taking fenugreek daily, (9 capsules total) trying the nursing support tea, and pumping as often as I can right now.

    I'm just looking for a place to ask questions and find support and encouragement!

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    Default Re: Relactation without a baby.

    Hi Kimshee. I am very sorry for your loss. I also know the pain of miscarriage.
    If you believe that relactating and donating your milk will help your grieving process, then I think your plan above sounds reasonable in order to relactate. Just know that hormonally, lactating and fertility do not go hand-in-hand. I would also suggest that the work of relactation can be time-consuming. So I am sure you have thought about how this might impact your children. I would also suggest that some of your milk could also go to your children one way or another.

    Mothers who are planning to adopt a baby use a pump to induce lactation or to relactate. So you may also find information on the Internet for mothers planning to adopt that might be helpful to you.

    I think your plan to donate your milk to babies in need is very admirable. I would suggest considering how you plan to donate your milk. If you are talking about donating to a human milk bank, you might want the to check with them on their screening policies and collection policies. There are other more informal ways to donate your milk, however if you wish to donate for premature or sick babies in hospitals, I believe that milk does have to come through a human milk bank.

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    Default Re: Relactation without a baby.

    with LLLMeg. I just want to state a little more forcefully that lactating can impact your fertility. I am guessing that the idea of conceiving again is very sensitive for you right now. But I wouldn't want you to risk closing off that avenue unless you're sure that's something you're okay with!

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    Thank you for the concern. I am aware that lactation impacts fertility. At this time we are unable to try for another baby so it seemed to be a good opportunity to try for the relactation.

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    I am currently looking into milk banks, but a close friend of mine just had triplets and does not have enough of her own milk for them. When my twins were little I didn't even know milk banks existed. I would have loved for them to have had donor milk and would love to be able to help someone else in that same situation.

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