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Thread: International travel and milk storage

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    Default International travel and milk storage

    This question has probably been answered on this forum before so forgive me for the potential duplication! My husband and I are taking a trip to jamaica for four days and I'm still breastfeeding /pumping. My LO is 6 months and I've been back to work since she was 3 mos. looking for tips/ travel regs on traveling with the pumped milk?
    Thanks in advance!!

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    I think you have to check with your airline because each one has a different policy.
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    The TSA allows you to check or carry on expressed milk. I guess you would have to check with the Jamaican equivalent of the TSA to see if they follow the same policies? Then you also have to think about how you will store the milk you are pumping. Since you are only going to be gone for four days, you could keep it all fresh (but refrigerated) during the trip and then freeze when you get home. In that case you would need ice packs for transport as you traveled from Jamaica back to the U.S. (For example, in cooler bags, unless the airline allows you to carry on a cooler box, which somehow I don't see them agreeing to.) And/or, find out if your airline will put the milk in the fridge or freezer for you during the flight - there was a thread about that recently, I can't remember what the outcome was, but in any case it's likely to be somewhat airline specific whether they will do that for you. Also, how long will your trip be from door-to-door? ie if it's so long that ice packs won't stay cold, then that may be a problem. Alternatively, you could freeze the milk in Jamaica and then transport with ice packs and hope it doesn't completely thaw on the way back. As long as there are any ice crystals in there it's still considered frozen, so you can stick it in the freezer once you get back to your house.

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