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Thread: How to use freezer milk without jeopardizing supply?

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    Question How to use freezer milk without jeopardizing supply?

    My little one was in the NICU for the first 8 days of the hospital, so I was pumping until she was ready to breastfeed (about day 6). I now have a freezer stock of my early milk that I want to use so that she can get the colostrum. She is now 11 weeks, so my question is... how can I start to incorporate my freezer milk without jeopardizing my supply? I need to use it up in the next 30 days.

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    In general if you want to keep milk in the freezer fresh, you can rotate out the older milk and replace it with freshly pumped milk. If you pump when you give expressed milk, you should be keeping your supply up. But if you're exclusively breastfeeding now your baby should be getting exactly what she needs right now - not sure you need to complicate things with bottles and pumping. ie, colostrum is what baby needs in the first few days of life, which is why we make colostrum early on; breastmilk changes as baby's needs change.

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    I agree. it sounds logical, but I know of no research that suggests it is helpful for a baby to get the colustrum they 'missed' later on. And bottles given for any reason may cause issues, as might pumping! After a rough start, it sounds as if you are exclusively nursing(?) and that is amazing. I suggest, relax and enjoy your nursing relationship. It's hard to toss that hard won milk, but it represents the effort you took to be able to nurse your child. In other words, it's not the stored milk itself that is important, it was the pumping which brought in your milk.

    if you really want baby to get that first milk, you could give baby no more than an ounce a day in a syringe or eyedropper. That should not cause any issues.

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    Why do you only have 30 days? Frozen milk is good for 6 months in a regular freezer. Are you going back to work soon because that would be a great opportunity to give frozen milk and freeze what you pump. If you have to use the milk now or toss it, you could do a bottle every couple of days. You just need to pump during that feeding session so your milk supply doesn't get out of whack. Maybe use that as an opportunity to go out for lunch or get some shopping done.

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