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Thread: Question on what increasing milk?

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    Default Question on what increasing milk?

    I first want to thank everyone for the advice you gave a couple weeks ago. I'm doing great now and my supply has increased!

    But - here is my question:

    Is it the overall increase in calories that helps to produce more milk, or will certain foods help to produce more milk?

    For example: I recently ate a hamburger and I hardly ever eat that much red meat or that much for dinner. I’m curious if it was possibly all the extra protein or just that hamburgers are generally full of calories.

    What experiences have other people had with certain foods possibly producing more milk?

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    Default Re: Question on what increasing milk?

    According to the BAB, there are no certain foods that a mother should eat to make more or "higher quality" milk.

    Increases in milk come from the old "supply and demand" theory!


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    Default Re: Question on what increasing milk?

    The only foods that I know of that *may* help are oatmeal and barley.

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