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Thread: Thrush medication decreasing milk supply?

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    My LO and I are currently being treated for thrush. She has a liquid that I have to apply inside her mouth with a cotton swab 4 times a day and I have to take 2ml of the same liquid 4 times a day as well. Since we have started taking the medication, my supply has dropped significantly. She empties both breasts while eating and still wants more afterwards but of course I have no more to give so she gets extremely upset and screams. I have about 30oz of pumped milk frozen and I've been feeding her that after a feeding but once I run out of that, I'm not sure what to do seen as I used to pump 3-4 ounces after a feeding and now I don't even get drops. My local stores dont sell gentain violet and my LC and OBGYN wont prescribe me a Nystatin cream. Only the liquid... any advice? I want to continue to breastfeed for another couple of years and dont want this to get in the way of things.

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    Bump! I am having this issue now too!

    Baby takes Nystatin liquid. I was prescribed diflucan, and told to use monistat on nipples. I also found some resources indicating grapefruit seed extract is helpful for both mom and baby. good luck...

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    OP, sorry we missed your post - how old is your baby? A lot of moms start out with relative oversupply (nature's way of making sure there is enough milk) and then over time, supply regulates (decreases) so that it more closely matches baby's demand. Mom will lose that full feeling and find she can't pump as much as previously. But, this does not mean that there isn't enough milk for baby. When supply is well matched to baby's demand, it's very normal not to be able to pump much. As long as you breastfeed on demand, and let baby nurse as often as she likes, your supply will increase or decrease as needed to match baby's demand. Giving bottles is going to interfere with that - now, you are giving a bottle, baby is NOT nursing, and that will cause your supply to decrease. So I would simply let baby nurse as much as she likes - your breasts are never empty, at most baby just needs to spend more time at the breast to get the milk she wants, which of course will increase your supply. Absent bottles and pumping, the only other situations in which the supply/demand equation can get messed up are hormonal changes - birth control, pregnancy (have you started new birth control recently?) - or certain medications like sudafed. I'm not aware of any thrush treatment that would cause a supply drop but if you have a concern about that, you could give Infant Risk a call: www.infantrisk.com.

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    This same thing happened to me when my DD was a month old! I would feed both breast ( but I actually felt no letdowns and my breast felt empty all of the time) and she would scream and scream for more this was my first breastfeeding experience too so I felt like I was doomed! But all I have to offer is that after all of the medication was administered and the thrush issue cleared up- things went back to normal! Suddenly we were back to normal and I went on to feed her until 18 months. So there is light at the end of the tunnel! Anytime I am having troubles nursing my son, my husband reminds me to keep it up and says "remember that week with thrush when you made almost no milk!"

    This will pass! I encourage you to keep your baby on the breast as frequently and long as possible that way if more milk is needed it will come- "supply and demand". Keep going mama!!!
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