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Thread: Pregnant and Pumping while away from Toddler

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    Default Pregnant and Pumping while away from Toddler

    Cross-posted from the pregnancy forum, as this one gets more traffic...

    My toddler is 28 months, still nursing (mostly at night), and I'm 15 weeks pregnant with number 2, and away on a business trip. I brought the pump for comfort pumping, as I do tend to feel full by evening. But I'm not getting anything from pumping! Is this normal as I dry up a bit in 2nd trimester? I'm a bit worried that if I don't get anything out I'll end up with mastitis or something... I do still feel full and slightly uncomfortable.

    I didn't pump last night, then did try this morning (nothing) and tonight (nothing). Only mildly uncomfortable so far, so maybe that's just from the pregnancy? Anyone with experience who can share would be great

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    Default Re: Pregnant and Pumping while away from Toddler

    Can you hand express? Do you do massage and compressions while pumping?
    Are you stressed? How easily do you respond to the pump normally? Have you tried any of the tricks to help let down like a hot shower or warm packs on your breasts before/during pumping? Deep breathing? Thinking of snuggling your babies?

    I expect pregnancy has messed with the hormones involved in letdown.

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