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Thread: How long did you keep your hospital grade rental?

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    Default How long did you keep your hospital grade rental?

    A bunch of questions, I'd love to hear your experiences.
    How long did you keep your hospital grade pump rental? How long before you saw an increase in pumping supply?
    We're you able to use your previous pump and maintain the supply you built with the hospital grade rental?
    Did you have to take any other measures to rebuild/build supply (ie, fenugreek, Mother Love More milk plus, lactation cookies, etc.)?

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    Default Re: How long did you keep your hospital grade rental?

    I kept mine for around 2.5 months, which was probably about a month longer than I absolutely needed it. But my LC called and said she needed the pump back, as she had a mom with twins (!) and supply problems, and that finally allowed me to release the whole idea of pumping as my back-up plan... Anyway. I was home with my baby, and our problem was predominantly related to a poor latch that she was in the process of outgrowing when I returned the pump.

    In addition to the pump, I also took lots of fenugreek and used Reglan. IMO, neither of those things helped half as much as the hospital grade pump and frequent pumping.

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    Default Re: How long did you keep your hospital grade rental?

    I had mine a long time -- around a year. It cost me way too much, but I needed one for home and one for work (used the rental at home). Around the year point, I realized it would have been cheaper to buy a second pump! But my friend ended up giving me her old one, so I still had one for at-home use (which was not frequent at that point). I also used Gaia lactation herbs a few times right after going back to work, but they seemed to work almost too well, giving me a bit of oversupply after just a day or two of use.
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