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Thread: Help! A hungry&fussy 3 week old, but I am now overfeeding??

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    Unhappy Help! A hungry&fussy 3 week old, but I am now overfeeding??

    Ehhh, I am at my wits' end and I need help...

    My little girl is 3.5 weeks old. For the first two she was a very sweet and calm baby. For the past week, however, it changed and I think every consecutive day is worse...

    At first I thought it must be a growth spurt, but it's something like 8 days already. I am desperate for help.

    She is nursing (I breastfeed exclusively) much more often. She used to feed every 2-3hours, nowadays it can be anything from 30minutes to 3 hours.

    What worries me the most though is her sleeping pattern. She used to nap 4-5 times a day or so, now she is down to 2 naps, 3 if I am reaaaally lucky. She wakes at night every 2 hours tops (down from 3, sometimes 3.5)

    Putting her to sleep is what is the worst about all this though - it sometimes takes me 3 hours. It just seems she goes from happy awake to overtired straight... When she is calm and awake no lullabies or rocking will make her sleep. And suddenly she becomes fussy, cries and wont settle (unless I nurse her)... She seems to doze off at the breast, but is instantly awake the moment I put her in her crib (before all this happened she was content just lying awake in it and falling asleep on her own).

    She is rather gassy. In fact, our pediatrician noticed that and said (judging her weight gain) I might be on the verge of overfeeding her (I didn't know it's actually possible when you BF?), which worsens the gas problem. As for her weight gain - she gained 1.2 kg in 2 weeks (left the hospital at 3.1, and now she's at 4.3kg).

    I feel incompetent as a mother, that I cannot meet the needs of my child. I thought it was supposed to get easier, not harder, as weeks go by... I am a wreck :-(

    What should I do? What can be causing this? I will appreciate any support or advice, I am literally crying for help :-(

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    Default Re: Help! A hungry&fussy 3 week old, but I am now overfeedin

    Hi and welcome to the forum!
    You are not incompetent.
    You are not hurting your baby.
    You really cannot over feed when exclusively nursing.
    It is normal & common for a baby to kind of "wake up' at around age 2 weeks and nurse much more and sleep much less. This is covered in detail in the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th Edition)
    Many, probably most, babies prefer to sleep held safe in the arms of mama or another trusted adult, and will wake and protest if put down in a crib.
    Gas is normal and not a health concern.
    Fussiness is normal and not a health concern
    Sometimes in the early weeks, there is lots of milk and it comes out fast. This can sometimes cause a bit more than average gas and discomfort, as well as rapid weight gain. This is called forceful letdown and overproduction.
    This is usually NOT a problem. It is a problem if it is causing a health issue for you (engorged, plugs, etc) or making baby refuse to nurse.
    The best way to remedy that situation is to nurse frequently and let baby take one side per nursing session if that is what baby prefers.
    doing a 'laid back' nursing position also often helps.
    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Help! A hungry&fussy 3 week old, but I am now overfeedin

    Hi mama, congrats on your new baby. And she really is a very new baby! I agree with LLLMeg. It is very normal for baby to nurse all.the.time. Day and night. Babies love to nurse. They have tiny tummies so they need to nurse very frequently. They've just spent 9 months in a warm, dark place listening to mom's heartbeat. Now they are in a cold, bright, world and the closest they can get to that warm place is to be snuggled up with mom, drinking warm milk, listening to mom's heartbeat. It's also normal for babies to be more sleepy and less demanding very early on. A baby quickly figures out that it is helpless and therefore is most content when near mom or dad. You cannot overfeed a baby at the breast. You are doing great!

    Here are some links about normal newborn behavior and laid-back nursing:

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    Default Re: Help! A hungry&fussy 3 week old, but I am now overfeedin

    Check out baby wearing, I know mine tends not to go down for naps unless it is attached to me so if I need to get him to nap while I get things done, I usually have to be wearing him.

    We also gave up on the idea of not co-sleeping by about two weeks, perhaps not appropriate for everyone but nursing mothers are usually tuned into their babies pretty well and not likely to smother them unless some medication or condition affects their sleep and how well they can wake.

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