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Thread: soup in a bottle lol

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    Default soup in a bottle lol

    My husband came home and told me his co worker who is 4 mos pregnant read in some book that a trick to keep a baby asleep longer at night is to feed them a bottle of very thin soup/mixed with milk (granted appropriate age I hope). Anyway else find this extremely weird sounding? It seemed so wrong I googled for awhile and then found out that's probably not what the book was saying exactly....but more that it is a way to introduce flavors/solids to a baby almost as a precedent to solid solids. That made more sense. The whole goal of tricking a baby to be full at night sounds so unnatural and wrong to me let a baby be a baby! Just thought I'd share

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    Weird, weird, weird!!! Sounds like a suggestion for formula-fed babies? Breastmilk is highly flavorful and breastfed babies tend to have more adventurous taste buds than their formula-fed peers.

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