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    I am completely unsure of what is going on with y baby girl. She will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. Breast feeding had been going seemingly well for us, although she has been a constant eater-eating pretty much every hour, until a few days ago. Feedings start out ok but about 15 mins in she will start fussing and fighting with my breast-it's like she wants to stay on but it hurts her to do so! She turns red and strains and cries. I try burping, have given gripe water, nothing works. Today was the worst yet as she Screamed and cried for about an hot and a half. Also, as of 2 days ago her poop has been green and seedy instead Of the yellow color it had been... Any advice?!!!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    The most likely explanation for your baby's behavior is that she's really, really young. At this age, babies have no idea what to do about their frustrations- aside from screaming, that is. And everything is frustrating for them. Hunger. Latching on. Being cold orot. Gas. Needing to poop. The sensation of a wet diaper. Getting to sleep. Waking up. Until 2 weeks ago, your baby was held and fed constantly. She never had to eat or poop or fart. Her environment was amazingly comfortable and familiar. Now, everything has changed! So give her time to learn how to handle these frustrations.

    That being said, green poop and severe fussiness point to a few different possibilities, the most likely of which is oversupply. When a mom's milk first comes in, it tends to be really abundant and flow really fast, which can make the baby struggle at the breast. Also, because the milk is so abundant, the baby tends to consume a lot of lactose (milk sugar), which can cause gas and green poops. So, questions for you- are you observing any of the following:
    - frequent feelings of fullness or engorgement
    - lots of leaking
    - milk streaming or squirting from the breast when the baby pulls off
    - baby coughing/choking/gagging or making a clicking/clucking noise while nursing
    - baby feeding rapidly, perhaps in 10 minutes or less

    Finally, how does nursing feel? And are you pumping at all? How often does your baby nurse in a 24-hour period? And how has wet/poopy diaper output been? Has baby regained her birthweight yet?

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    Thanks for your reply!!!
    She has regained her birth weight. At her first appt (she was 6 days old) she had actually surpassed her birth weight, by an ounce. She does the choking/gagging and clicking when feeding. I wear the disposable pads in my bra and do notice when changing them that there is dried milk, not a lot. Nursing feels fine although occasionally her initial latch will hurt. Also, my breasts do begin to feel fuller approaching her next feeding. She feeds very often--at least every hour if not sooner at times. I do notice though at night she does not engage in any of the crying or fussing. She sleeps longer and will nurse then immediately go back to sleep...
    She has a lot of wet diapers. Seems like I change them about every hour to hour & a half, & about 2 poopy diapers a day.

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    ALSO-I pumped for the first time today.

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    Two weeks is a wild age. Lots of babies like to nurse very often and get very fussy around this time so this sounds pretty normal to me. A touch of forceful letdown, probably, but that is so common it is normal, for this age especially. But due to that, you may want to hold off on pumping so as to not cause overproduction. Did you pump in order to have milk to store, or for your own comfort due to being full?

    Can you tell us more about what you are concerned is happening?

    Have you tried leaning back a bit while baby nurses to help baby handle the flow? Latching baby on and/or nursing in a leaning back position may help with the latch pain as well. Like suggested here, https://www.llli.org/docs/0000000000...astfeeding.pdf no need to lay back as far as this picture unless that is comfortable for you. You can just lean slightly back as well.

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    Very typical newborn behavior. My littlest is 5 weeks and has been exhibiting the same screaming for hours behavior since day 3, along with the faster than average weight gain and frequent day feedings. I'm grateful for the longer sleep stretches at night. I just keep reminding myself how fast the newborn phase really goes and we'll be done soon. Hang in there!

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