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Thread: Question about date night

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    So, my DH and I rarely if ever go out at night since my 19 month old is still very much tied to me putting him down at night in our family bed. But a nice opportunity came up and my in-laws will be in town visiting, so we're going to go out at 9:30 and probably not be back until midnight. My question is:

    If I put him down with all his usual things in his routine, what happens if or when he wakes up and wants his mama's milk? Normally I would just go in and nurse him a bit. I joked with my DH, "is your mom willing to pop a boob in there just to get him back down, it'll be a dry suck, but hey, anything counts". No but really, he is off bottles and offering him a cup will just wake him back up. I hate to make my MIL have to deal with a cranky grandson, especially since it is their last night in town and they catch an early morning flight.

    Any ideas?
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    Make your date night somewhere close to home. That way if the baby wakes up and grandma can't soothe him, you can rush home and finish the job. Don't wed yourself to the idea of a perfect date night- think of it as a trial balloon. Most likely everything will go just fine, and grandma will have no trouble getting your LO back to sleep if he does wake. (Babies are smart and they don't expect to nurse from people who are not mom.) But if it doesn't work out, and you end up rushing home, hey- at least you tried!!! That's progress.

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    My husband and I recently had our first date night and I had the same concerns since I still nurse my 1 yr old daughter to sleep and when she wakes at night she just wants me. My father came and she did wake up as usual and was upset for a little bit when I wasn't there but he was able to get her back to sleep without a bottle or boob I think mommal is right that they don't expect to nurse from anyone else but you. Good luck and enjoy your time out!

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