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Thread: Ready to relactate!

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    Default Ready to relactate!

    Well I stopped feeding my gorgeous boy when my thrush infection got so severe that feeding was excruciating. I also had to stop expressing as the cracks I had would not heal. Finally the infection has almost gone and I am nearly healed so I am hoping to relactate/increase my supply.

    It has been three weeks since I have fed consistently however my DS has latched on a couple of times during the break so I am hopeful that he will be open to going back on the breast. Before the infection I had a low supply so my aim is to mix feed and to hopefully feed him at least morning and evening.

    So my plan is:

    • Babymoon - taking a few days out for skin to skin and to focus on feeding
    • Offering the breast often - both sides as often as possible
    • Fenugreek 2 tablets 3x/day
    • Start Domperidone prescription
    • Express after each feed
    • DS sleeps through so express late and early
    • Eat oats - worth a shot

    Anything else I can do to maximise our chances?

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    Default Re: Ready to relactate!

    I think you have it covered. I assume you have checked it out and Dom and fenugreek are compatible? I would only add, especially since it was so serous before, be super careful about thrush re-occurrence. Wash everything carefully.

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    I too have recently started Dom and an wondering if anyone found success with timing in regards to taking their dom dose and feeding?

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    The only thing I would consider is the sleeping through the night. Could you wake him up for one nighttime feed? This regimen already sounds pretty exhausting so I wouldn't blame you if you decide not to, but it can't hurt. Night nursing has been really beneficial to my supply.

    Good luck and good for you being so dedicated to this!

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    Default Re: Ready to relactate!

    Thank you!

    I could try to wake him although I doubt he would be amused might be worth a try even if ti is just before I go to bed. Luckily I have a supportive OH so I can just spend my time focussing on us getting back to feeding.

    If it would really have an impact I could hire a hospital grade pump but I didn't know whether to try what I have at the moment and see how it goes or if I am best ordering a pump now and throwing everything at this now.

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