Breastfeeding Today, Issue 23, May 2014

Features: Why Babies Tears Make Us Cry, and Why They Matter
Bottlefeeding a Breastfed Baby
When Two Women Share Parenting
Soothing My Babies - your baby isn't using your as a pacifier; a pacifier is a substitute for you
Mothers' Stories: Katrina's story: My Emergency Cesarean
Kim's Story: Helping Heather - the privilege and joy of being an LLL Leader
Susana's Story: Keeping it Real - no, all those other moms don't have it so much more together than you!
Dawn's Story: From Getting to Giving Support - becoming the first LLL Leader in Croatia
Mom to Mom: Back to Work - baby won't take a bottle
Book Excerpt: "Alcohol" from Breastfeeding Made Easy, by Carlos Gonzalez
What's Cooking: Cake! - Vegan Chocolate Cake and Citrus Tray Bake