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Thread: Tips on deeper latch

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    I have a week old little girl that I'm really determined to breastfeed. We are having an extremely difficult time getting a deep enough latch. It's excruciating almost every time and my nipples are in horrible shape. My insurance doesn't cover a lactation consultant, and we don't have the $300 that the one that i know of wants for just one session. Does anyone have any suggestions on where i can get some additional help or instruction? It seems that she has a hard time getting her mouth open wide enough. Thanks in advance!

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    Any local LLL?
    If you are in us, check with local WIC to see if they offer appts with an IBCLC
    Look up on www.ilca.org if there are any other IBCLC that might be more affordable.
    Ask if the IBCLC will consent to a payment plan
    Ask family to help with the cost
    I understand it seems like this price tag is high. It is a little on the high side in the us, but is perfectly reasonable depending on where you live and what her experience is. IBCLCs have years of education and clinical training, and usually spend a good deal of time on each appt. additionally , the cost may cover follow up calls or other services. If you are unable to nurse your child and have to formula feed, that will cost much more than $300.00

    General tips for getting a more comfortable latch are to try laid back nursing and/or the nipple "sandwich" latch technique.

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    The hospital where I gave birth has an LC and I've gone in to see her a couple times and not been charged. I know there are some hospitals that have breastfeeding clinics that are inexpensive. WIC usually has breastfeeding consultants here in the US but not all counties have IBCLSs. Many LC's will go to great lengths to help so be sure to call around.

    Not being able to open wide might mean you should get your baby checked for tongue tie and when checking that, check for lip tie as well.

    I have also found some helpful information on the following web site.

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    I also like this article, contains the typical latch helpers described all in one place: http://feedthebabyllc.com/latch-and-positioning/

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