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Thread: Hello! Newbie here and just wanted to say...

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    Red face Hello! Newbie here and just wanted to say...

    Congratulations to all of us!

    I'm a new mom and have been successfully nursing my 6-month old son while working full-time (pump at work + breastfeed at home). It's difficult managing such a schedule and we all deserve a pat in the back

    Our little ones may not be able to word it out yet but I'm sure they would say "thanks mom" for doing this for them.

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    Default Re: Hello! Newbie here and just wanted to say...

    Hey I could have written that post. My baby is now 6.5 months old and I'm also feeling so proud at my accomplishment. We've come along way. Breastfeeding used to be an immense challenge and source of stress for both of us but we've dealt with whatever came and now we are both enjoying the breastfeeding experience so much! I also pump because I work full time. I hate pumping! I can't wait till I don't have to pump anymore.
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