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Thread: question about milk content

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    Question question about milk content

    I have been pumping each morning in order to have milk for my son when I go back to work, which is on Monday. We co-sleep and he generally only nurses off of one side each night, so that leaves the other side full and ready to pump. I've been getting 3-4 oz each morning. We've had problems with him getting too much foremilk and having major gas problems and green poops since he was about two weeks old. He'll be six weeks old tomorrow and things are finally regulating I think. My question is this...will the milk that I pump in the morning be too much foremilk and make him extremely gassy again? When the milk sits before I put in the freezer, there is a slight layer of fat on the top, but just a little bit. I would hate to think that all the trouble I went through to get him milk would make him feel bad!!

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    Will you be pumping for ds while you are at work? If so, it is suggested that you use that milk for him the very next day. That way it is fresh, unfrozen and the perfect milk for him for what his developmental stage is. Because BM changes as babies grow we like to suggest that moms try to use milk as fresh as they can.

    That said, maybe you won't have these issues if you are pumping a few times at work and using that milk the very next day.

    You might want to check out this link on storing milk.



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