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Thread: Weaning, first post partum and birth control

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    Default Weaning, first post partum and birth control

    Hi all!
    So I've been gradually beginning to wean my almost 18 month old. We had some out if town family visiting for an extended stay about 1 1/2 months ago. He was so excited during that time that some days he went from early morning to 4-5pm before asking to nurse!
    Now that they are gone he's back to his old self, but that dip in feedings was enough to bring back my dreadful period!! Simultaneously I've been going nuts at night due to the incessant night feedings. We are gradually night weaning thanks to my amazing DH who gives him love and comfort between (roughly) 12-5am.

    So months ago I contacted my midwife about getting on the mini pill. She was away and asked me to follow up a month later but I had a lot going on and it went on the back burner. With my period coming by surprise I got my wake up call!!!
    The thing is, I'm almost two weeks post period. Do I wait til my next cycle to start taking it as recommended? Or mess with my cycle and start right away? Also, if I wait until my next cycle I know putting myself at risk for pregnancy! Not the most terrible thing in the world, but we do have our hands full with three boys (5.5, 3.5, 17.5 mo) and we could use a little break!!!

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Weaning, first post partum and birth control

    Call your midwife and ask her if you should start the minipill now or wait until your next cycle. If she says to wait, you still have birth control options, including (in decreasing order of effectiveness):
    - Abstinence (everyone's favorite, ha ha!)
    - Outercourse (i.e. Sexual activity that does not include penis-in-vagina intercourse)
    - Barrier contraceptives (male condom, female condom, sponge, spermicide, diaphragm, cervical cap, etc.)
    - Withdrawal (not recommended unless your partner is very aware of when he is going to orgasm and every self-controlled about pulling out before that happens)
    - Fertility awareness methods (generally quite effective for practiced practitioners, not likely to be particularly effective for your first few postpartum cycles)
    - Calendar based methods (e.g. rhythm method)

    Breastfeeding provides good birth control when you meet ALL the following criteria:
    - Baby less than 6 months old
    - Baby is exclusively breastfed (no formula supplements, no solids, and no bottles)
    - Baby never goes more than 6 hours without nursing
    - Mom does not have her period back

    If you were relying on breastfeeding between 6 and 18 months, that was a risk even though your period had not yet returned.

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