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Thread: Baby who bites

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    Ok, mommas how do you teach your 8 month old not to bite. His first bottom tooth has come in and he has started. The first time he did it of course I yelled because I wasn't expecting it and it hurt. It scared him but then he thought it was funny so now he tries to get the same reaction from me. I watch him very close and as soon as it he is not actively nursing I take him off. Well he has caught on to that so now he bites as soon as he latches on.

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    I think I'd immediately unlatch him and say "no" or "no biting" then wait 30 seconds or a minute or so before you try latching again. If he bites again right away, I'd repeat and either hand him off to your partner or set him down in a place where he'd normally play for a few minutes before trying to nurse again. Point being to get the idea in his head that if he bites it means he can't nurse. NOT that you refuse to nurse him for a long time (because he does need to eat, obviously) but if he understands cause and effect enough to know that biting gets a funny reaction, he will probably understand if you show him that biting gets a less desirable reaction.
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    What worked with my son was immediately ending the nursing session and offering him a teething ring. Then I calmly told him, "Don't bite my nipples. Bite the tether!" I would take a second tether and gnaw on it in an exaggerated way, making biting while nursing look boring by comparison. It took about a week to work.

    Meanwhile, I stayed vigilant with my finger next to my nipple, ready to intervene in case I felt pressure.

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