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Thread: How much is too much?

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    Default How much is too much?

    My doc let me know that while height, etc was good. She hasn't been gaining a lot of weight (stagnant around 17 lbs at 9 months)

    I leave 3 x 4oz bottles for her daycare (often takes 3-4 oz per feed), and she gets 2 snacks and a lunch at daycare - milk always before finger foods.

    Is it possible that this is too much?

    She is generally on a schedule because she never really asked for food (would go all day without crying and just play away...) she has 1 massive poop a day and it isnt always digested (pieces of carrots, etc...)

    Her intake hasnt seemed to change at all and Im not too sure how to judge it since she isn't with me most days....

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    Default Re: How much is too much?

    How many hours are you apart from baby? How often does baby nurse when you are together? Does she sleep a long stretch at night? When you say she is on a schedule, does this apply only to the daycare bottles, or also to nursing? Is the stagnant weight 9 months compared to 6 months?

    Weight gain slows in the later part of the year compared to the earlier part of the year (that's why it's a curve, rather than a straight line), but still, baby should be gaining something. If you are separated from baby for somewhere between 8 and 12 hours, then 12 oz of milk would be a fairly typical amount for baby to be drinking.

    If baby is not demanding about nursing, it never hurts to offer more, particularly if you are concerned about weight gain. And, if baby is sleeping a long stretch at night, you might consider adding in some dream feeds - for example, nursing baby when you go to bed.

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    Default Re: How much is too much?

    with the PP.

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