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Thread: Increased eating at daycare

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    My EBF 4month old has been at daycare since she was 10 weeks old. Initially, she was resistant to the bottle, but has slowly adapted. She BF once in the morning around 7am, again around 5:30pm, 8:30pm, 12am, and 3:30am. However, she has never been consistent in terms of how much she drinks at daycare. Up until last week she had been drinking 3 oz about 3 times a day. Sometimes she would only eat 1oz or 2oz at a time. Since she originally resisted the bottle, I asked the daycare to feed her on demand. Some days this would be every three hours and others she would refuse a bottle until 11 or 12pm. Last week she only at 6 oz total on Monday, but gradually increased during the week. This week, we increased the total bottle amount to 4 oz and she has been drinking 4 bottles a day. I am concerned because I only pump 3-4 oz 3 times a day. Yesterday I added a 4th pump because I knew I wouldn't have enough. As of 2pm today, she had 3, 4 oz bottles ( one at 10:43, 12:58, and 1:58). She has gained weight consistently at each of her check-ups, is in the 75th % for height and weight, has a BM about 1/day, and has regular wet diapers.

    Should we change the bottle schedule at daycare? I am not sure how to balance "feeding on demand" with providing enough milk for the day. I've left frozen milk at the daycare for them to add if necessary, but this is becoming an everyday thing. Soon I will run out and am worried about having to supplement with formula. Any suggestions?

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    Are they doing paced bottle feeding? If not, you should probably reduce the amount in each bottle since they may be pushing her to finish the bottles each time she feeds.

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    So it's about 10 hours between your morning feed and your evening feed, it sounds like. The rule of thumb is 1 - 1.5 oz of milk per hour apart, so somewhere between 10 and 15 oz - can be a little less too (especially if baby is reverse cycling), but it's really important to avoid OVERfeeding with the bottle. First, because it's hard to keep up with, as you've already experienced. Second, if baby is stuffed full of milk during the day, she won't want to nurse as much when you're together, and that nursing is really important for maintaining supply. I would stick with the 3 oz bottles with 1 oz frozen "toppers" as needed, to make sure they pause after 3 oz and only if they really need to, use an additional oz. And definitely paced feeding techniques, here are some links about that:


    How much expressed milk:

    It's easy for caregivers to use the bottle as a soothing technique, too, so you want to be sure that is not happening.

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