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Thread: Poor latch when comfort nursing?

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    Default Poor latch when comfort nursing?

    So R is pushing four months now and after several weeks of thrush treatment I think I finally know what it is to nurse pain-free. Lately though I am noticing that as she starts to fall asleep on the boob there is a pretty sudden drastic change from comfortable nursing to pain. I assume it is her latch slipping as she falls asleep. It happens in a variety of positions. If I pop her off the boob she usually will stay asleep or might suck her hand a few minutes but won't latch back on. I know comfort nursing is important, so am I harming our nursing relationship by popping her off early like this? Any tips on keeping her latch deep as she falls asleep? Sometimes laid back nursing helps but I can't do homework in that laid back position which is usually what I need to do if she is asleep and I'm awake.

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    Default Re: Poor latch when comfort nursing?

    My guess is that if she is falling off when you detach her, it really doesn't make a difference. If she is asleep enough not to wake or try to latch back on, then she isn't missing out. Mine on the other hand often will wake and need to re latch, in my case, his comfort sucking is usually more gentle than when he is actively eating (trying to get tongue tie fixed.)

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