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Thread: Weird tasting frozen milk

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    I am starting to introduce a bottle to my LO, 4months old, so she can start going to daycare. I have been pumping and thawed some milk today that has been frozen since Feb 2 in a regular freezer. It smells fine but when I tasted it, it tasted off. Not rancid, just off and a little fishy. Is it ok to use? And is this normal to have a change in taste like this from freezing?

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    That almost sounds as if something in the freezer was giving off an odor and it got in your milk? Is that possible at all? When happened to me with fresh whip cream being stored too close to something oniony, it smelled ok but tastes slightly of onion.

    Breastmilk is quite sturdy, it would be very unusual for milk to go bad in a functioning freezer. Any chance your freezer defrosted in the last 3 months (such as a power outage?) IS this a separate-door freezer?

    Something that is fairly common is excess lipase in a mother milk that causes issues after the milk is stored esp. frozen. This tends to make defrosted milk smell and taste "soapy.' The milk is perfectly safe and 100% healthy to drink, but some babies refuse it.

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    How did you thaw the milk? In hot water or did you let it sit overnight in the fridge?

    I found that my baby took the milk thawed in hot water, but never if it was thawed in a fridge and then heated. Something happened to the milk while it would be slowly thawing and he refused it. It would also change in appearance when thawed slowly in fridge.

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    The freezer hasn't been thawed out. No power outages. It's stored in a bag in a Tupperware. I just want to make sure it's not bad before I through it away. And that totally make sense about it picking up odors from other things in my freezer! My daughter took 2 ounces at day care so I guess she doesn't mind it. Thanks!

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    I thawed it in hot water. She seemed to take it fine, just smelled and tasted funny to me. I was getting worried that my stash was going bad but after doing some research it seems like it takes a lot for BM to actually turn bad if stored properly.

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